ASSJ at the 2022 World Jewish Congress

The ASSJ is pleased to announce that we are sponsoring five sessions at the 2022 World Congress of Jewish Studies, to be held in Jerusalem, August 8-12.  More information about the Congress can be found here.


Research in Social Sciences on Contemporary Jewry: Current Paths, Disciplinary Approaches, New Challenges

Chair: Uzi Rebhun

Harriet Hartman, Levels of social science research and their contributions to homogeneity and diversity among Jews

Leonard Saxe, The Mosaic of US Jewry: Appreciating Diversity

Judit Bokser Liwerant, Social sciences and Contemporary Jewry: classifications and boundary building; naming the Other

Sergio DellaPergola, Jews of Color: A Critical Appraisal

Jewish Populations: New Boundaries and Polarization

Chair: Becka Alper

Ariela Keysar, More secular and more religious young American Jews

Bruce Phillips, Beyond Jews of no religion: Re-thinking and expanding Jewish status categories

Nadia Beider, The Collapse of the Center: Religious Polarization among South African Jews

Alan Cooperman, The Jewish middle is still strong

Bringing to the fore what is otherwise hidden: Comparative research perspectives in the Social Scientific Study of Jewry

Chair: Judit Bokser Liwerant

Adina Bankier-Karp, Exceptionalism debunked: What happens when the five largest English-speaking Jewish communities are compared

Robert Brym, Jewish Immigration in Argentina and Canada, 1870-2020

Daniel Staetsky, Jewish identity of European Jews in comparative perspective: an unprecedented insight into the Jewish lifestyles, priorities and self-understanding of Jews in Europe, Israel and the USA

Ilana Horwitz, Education—not age—explains American Jews’ shifting attitudes toward Israel

Migration and Israeli Diaspora in Transnational Times

Chair: Uzi Rebhun

Perla Kane, “Israeli Diaspora in Times of Transnational Living: Snapshots of an ongoing research project”

Dani Kranz, Self-organization, diaspora management and German/Israeli co-operations:

The benefits of Israeli migrants in Germany for Israel and Germany

Lilach Lev Ari, Ethnic Identity and Acculturation Patterns among Jewish Immigrants to France and Belgium: Israelis and North Africans Compared

Nir Cohen, response

Social Science Perspectives on American Jewish Life in the 21st Century

Chair: Harriert Hartman

Carmel Chiswick, Economics and American Judaism in the 21st Century

Chaim I. Waxman, American Jews and Israel in the 21st Century: Has the Relationship Changed?

Ira Sheskin, Geography and American Jews in the 21st Century

Becka Alper, Anti-Semitism in the United States: Perceptions, Experiences, and Impact among U.S. Jews

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