CFN: ASSJ Distinguished Early Career Award

Association for the Social Scientific Study of Jewry (ASSJ)
Distinguished Early Career Award

Call for Nominations

Due date: May 20, 2022

The ASSJ Distinguished Early Career Award will be presented to a recent PhD (within the last ten years) whose work reflects excellence in the application of social science theories and methods to the study of contemporary Jewry. Anyone whose PhD was awarded in 2013 or later and who is now working in an academic and applied position is eligible for this year’s award.

Awardees will be selected by a committee of more senior scholars and researchers appointed by the ASSJ President. The committee will primarily consider nominees’ published works to date, and may also consider teaching, public engagement, service to the academy and research community, and potential for future scholarly contributions.

It is expected that nominees will have authored or co-authored either 1) a peer-reviewed book or 2) four peer-reviewed articles in journals or book chapters in edited volumes.  Researchers working in applied settings may substitute publicly disseminated research reports in lieu of articles and book chapters.

Calls for nominations for the Distinguished Early Career Award shall be made annually, but an awardee may not necessarily be selected every year.


Nominations of others and self-nominations are welcome. Nominations should include a cover letter explaining the nominee’s qualifications for the award, the nominee’s curriculum vita, and 1-2 additional letters of support.  Materials should be submitted by May 20, 2022, to ASSJGlobal at and bosker at

Please do not use the ASSJ listserv to submit nominations or to discuss or endorse nominees.

Award and Presentation

 In addition to the honor of being designated, awardees will receive:

  • An honorarium of $1,000, a diploma, and a complementary ASSJ membership for one year
  • Announcement at the AJS annual meeting, in Contemporary Jewry, and on the ASSJ website
  • Public announcement coordination with the home institution
  • Invitation to submit a short essay to reflecting on the award, their career to date, and future plans (subject to editorial review), to be published in Contemporary Jewry and on the ASSJ website
  • Invitation to present current work on a ASSJ webinar
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