Studies of Jews in Society

ASSJ's Book Series
Studies of Jews in Society focuses on the social scientific analysis of contemporary Jews.

Published in concert with Springer Nature, Studies of Jews in Society takes a broad perspective on social science to include anthropology, communications, demography, economics, education, ethnography, geography, history, politics, population, social psychology, and sociology. Books may rely on quantitative methods, qualitative methods, or both.

The series is directed to social scientists and general scholars in Jewish studies as well as those generally interested in religion and ethnicity; academics who teach Jewish studies; undergraduates and graduate students in Jewish studies, sociologists interested in religion and ethnicity; and communal professionals and lay leaders who work in Jewish organizations and individuals. The style, while rigorous scientifically, is accessible to a general audience.

For more information about publishing in the series, contact ASSJ President Judit Bokser Liwerant or the Springer Publishing Editor, Christopher Coughlin.