Webinars on issues in contemporary Jewry from ASSJ and our partners

Jews in the Americas: Transnational Perspectives.

Participants: Harriet Hartman, Morton Weinfield, Robert Abzug, Judit Bokser Liwerant, Naomi Lindstrom, Pierre Anctil, Bruce Phillips, Dalia Wassner, Laura Limonic, Daniel Fainstein, Sergio DellaPergola.

Reflecting on the Pew Study and Beyond: A New Research Agenda

Participants: Judit Bokser Liwerant, Harriet Hartman, Shaul Kelner, Jennifer Thompson, Bruce Phillips, and Matt Boxer

Social Research on European Jewish Populations: The State of the Field

Participants: Jonathan Boyd and Keith Kahn Harris

Israel and the Jewish Diaspora

Participants: Uzi Rebhun, Sergio DellaPergola, Judit Bokser Liwerant, Ariela Keysar, and Leonard Saxe (November 7, 2021)

Leaving the Promised Land

Participants: Robert Kenedy, Steven Gold, Rina Cohen, and Uzi Rebhun (January 16, 2022)